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Century Farms 


White County

White County was established in 1806 and named after John White, one of the first settlers of the area. The county seat is Sparta and it has many historic structures such as the residential Main Street historic district that contains popular domestic styles of the early twentieth century. Throughout its history, White County has had valuable natural resources in coal and timber. As a result of its abundance of coal, many mines and towns were established in the county and employed many of the residents. The lumber industry has also been important for the county and was in great demand during World War I when the federal government and Allied nations ordered gun stocks made out of walnut. 

            Farm Name                 Date Founded

              Brown Farm                                    1905

              Carter Farm                                     1826

              Crowder Farm                                1826

              Dixie Farm                                       1869

              Goddard Mountain Farm            1873

              Hitchcock Farm                              1819

              Howard Farm                                  1900

              Hutchings Farms                            1853

               Johnson Farm                                 1894

               JOT Farms                                       1858

               K & M Farm                                    1900

               Lee-Jernigan Farm                          1856

               McPeak Farm                                   1858

               Moore Farm                                     1905

               Plum Creek Farm                           1836

               Post Oak Creek Farm                     1868

               Russell Farm                                    1838

               Sullivan Farm                                   1814

               Ward Farm                                        1873

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